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Color Rooms

May 1, 2019

Green: Nature, Ambition, Freshness. The Green Room brought to you from the World Floral Expo.

Well this is certainly a different take on blue! But the flowers are beautiful!

This is a wonderful expression in yellow at the World Floral Expo. I so fell in love with these color on color displays! They did a wonderful job! It’s all about the details…..

I love these studies and displays of color and flowers I saw at the World Floral Expo in Dallas last week.

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Mistakes = Discoveries

February 20, 2019

Sometimes mistakes can lead to the best discoveries. Some of my best work has come from a mistake. Don’t be frustrated, but instead embrace it and ask yourself what can I make out of this mistake, or what have I learned or benefited from this mistake, or even better, how can I take this mistake and make it better than what I had originally planned. Do not ever be afraid of making a mistake, it’s a gift of learning and opening our eyes of how we can do or be better. Mistakes really are a huge part of the creative process.