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August 31, 2018

Hi everyone! I have some very exciting news. At the end of this coming January, I will be going to Frankfort Germany for the Worlds Largest Christmas Show! I’m going to seek out 2020 trends for my members of “Exclusively Through a Designer’s Eye”! “Exclusively” will be opening next month so stay tuned for the launch date. And if your wondering about trends for 2019, well that’s already in the bag! I will start sharing those trends with “Exclusively” members this December. And once you join you have immediate access to the trends of 2018 plus a whole lot more. You will be learning about the different markets, how to buy wholesale, what to expect once you get there, plus you will be gaining knowledge from other creatives and experts in related fields. And as a bonus, if you sign up before October 15th and remain an active member, you will have a chance to win an all expense paid VIP day with me to the Dallas March Market. All of this for only $37.00 per month! Listen all creatives, who doesn’t want to be ahead of the trend ball? No more guess work. This is designed to help you produce better products and to serve your clients better. Or if you want this info to use in your own home this is great for you too! It’s coming soon people!!!!!

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