National Market Training

I will bring you inside information on the different markets, will provide you knowledge from all of the National Markets, Regional Markets, and International Markets.  You will learn the qualifications that are required for each market, plus some shortcuts. There will be interviews with seasoned buyers and they will give you their perspective on each market.  Both the pros and cons, plus what to expect once you get there.

We offer the tools and support needed for the modern market shopper — to talk all things retail and merchandising.

See The Showrooms

Looking to get inspired? Want to check out the latest & greatest designs? Come with me to visit the ever-changing array of interior design styles in some of the most beautiful showrooms in the markets, featuring dramatic and timeless interior merchandise. I will have key people presenting their products and how best to use them in your designs, how to buy, and their rules of purchasing.

I will have other designers in their chosen field doing hands-on tutorials via videos and lives.

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Exclusive Services Include:

  • Public Speaking and Demonstrations
  • Custom Holiday Decorating
  • Custom Seasonal Wreaths
  • Full Interior Design Service and Consultation
  • Store Window Display and Merchandising

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